Afterwork Brussels

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Afterwork Bruxelles

Afterwork Brussels has become the most popular professional meeting place. Why wait until the weekend to clear your head after work?

The afterwork concept in Brussels.

The term afterwork composed of ‘after’ and ‘work’. Concerns extra-professional events or activities that are usually organized ‘after work’. Generally from 7 p.m., after a normal working day. The concept isn’t new, but has been gaining ground in Belgium in recent years. In contrast to the United Kingdom, which has very well developed those evenings and where it’s common to go for a drink or to meet colleagues in a bar or lounge after work.

They see it as a privileged moment to decompress, exchange and above all have fun with colleagues, associates or friends. Afterworks are also opportunities to build a bridge between work and private life without mixing these two lifestyles. These moments are therefore ideal ‘halfway’ solutions to limit too abrupt transitions between work and relaxation.

Where to enjoy a nice afterwork in Brussels?

This description doesn’t leave you indifferent? Do you also want to enjoy a special moment with your coolest colleagues or friends after work? You don’t know where to spend a nice afterwork in Brussels and you’re looking for a place that offers afterworks with various themes.

Look no further! We Are Open Coworking will always be available to welcome you.

An afterwork in Brussels at WAO

First of all, besides being a coworking space, the We Are Open (WAO), has a bar and a space capable of hosting more than 50 people for afterworks and other events. This is why its founders offer coworkers and their friends the opportunity to meet every Thursday evening for a drink at the WAO. Coworking makes it a point of honour to organize these events because they allow everyone to share a good time and an unforgettable evening. Indeed, it’s essential for the company to guarantee its community, the possibility to meet new people and enjoy a very friendly atmosphere. Especially since meetings at coworking often leads to partnerships between external or internal members of the WAO. An enormous added value for the real ecosystem that represents We Are Open Coworking.

The afterworks, or how to break its shell.

It’s sometimes complicated to be yourself or to take on a more relaxed side of your personality in a professional setting. Afterworks are therefore ideal moments to discover other people in a fully new light. They’re ideal circumstances to reveal a new aspect of one’s personality in a suitable context and in a pleasant environment where music, atmosphere and good humour are the order of the day.

From afterworks to WAO events.

besides its weekly afterworks, the WAO regularly offers many other events. Thanks to its various partnerships. For example, the WAO collaborates with a cartoonist and a young comedy troupe from Brussels. These different partnerships enable the coworking to monthly offer at least one relaxing evening with a Drink&Draw workshop and a stand-up evening.

Where the Drink and Draw evenings bring together drawing enthusiasts for an artistic evening. Stand up in ’Cow Or King’ evenings are a great way to take the pressure off, relax and laugh endlessly. Thanks to the self-mockery, good humour and boldness of young comedians from Brussels. So, after these little moments of happiness, everyone meets at the bar over a drink to congratulate, advise or share their feelings.

In addition to leisure evenings, coworking also hosts events with entrepreneurial flavour. Indeed, every month, the Local Web company organizes training courses on natural referencing (SEO). Therefore, these evenings offer everyone the opportunity to learn how to reference and boost the visibility of their company without spending any money. Moreover, the professional setting will allow you to meet potential partners or coaches who can guide you on your entrepreneurial project.


Finally, We Are Open Coworking also organizes special edition afterworks with ‘unique’ themes. For example, the month of June concluded with the opening of our new conference centre where all our guests could discover it exclusively.

Words aren’t enough, living it, is even better! Don’t hesitate to come and enjoy an afterwork with us, every Thursday. Moreover, if you wish to organize an event yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our bar is at your disposal, We Are Open!

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