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Blood donation day at WAO

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Journée don du sang

Red Cross and WAO coworking organise together a blood donation day. Therefore, our team decided to tackle the topic in order to underline the importance of having such event. Together, let’s save lifes !

A blood donation day, what for ?

Blood is one o the most fundamental element of human body. Without it, we do not have the opportunity to convey elements towards their destination. Nowadays; there is no substitute to it. Since then, its utility is essential for our well being. Today, one person out of seven needs blood transfusion. However, less than one out of ten gives is blood. There is no sufficient blood to fill the necessity. Blood donation is then a priority. The helding of a blood donation day allows to counteract the shortage. WAO’s team decided to give its own blood, and welcomes you to do so as well !

The International Red Cross

The international Red Cross is one of the most important humanitarian movement of the world. Their aim is to protect and assist victims of armed conflicts and other situations such as natural disasters … They group up to 97 million volunteers, members and employes accross the globe.

Divided in three bodies, the movement coordinate and cooperate with national authorities for international help activities, in specific situation and disasters. Moreover, it contributes as well to the development of other national societies. The three constitutive bodies are : the International Committee of the Red Cross, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the national Societies.

Such as Belgium, the Red Cross is divided in two working structures; one dedicated to the French community, and the other to the Flemish one.

Each of them has to:

  • Act in case of armed conflicts;
  • Contribute to improve health, disease prevention and lleviating human suffering;
  • Participate to the implementation of rescue services in favor of disaster victims;
  • Recruit, educate and assign needed staff toward the accomplishement of their tasks;
  • Enhance the implication of everyone;
  • Spread the fundamental principes of international humanitarian law.

Universal donor or recipient ?

If blood supplies are low while we write those lines, some blood groups are more seeken than others. Here are some information you need to know about those:

O -

People of type O blood are universal donors; their blood can be given to everybody. O- blood is transfered in case of emergency.

AB +

Eventhough they can only give blood to people of the same type, AB+ type are universal recipients; they can receive blood for every groups.

In order to get a better knowledge of the system, the Red-Cross identified the identification of blood types on their website in a scheme display.

Programme au WAO

At WAO coworking, an afternoon will be dedicated to blood donation. To take part into it, it is easy ! You have to follow this link, to register. From 2 pm to 6 pm, a medical staff will welcome you and supervise the event. Looking for more specific information ? Get in touch with us !

Looking to host your blood donation day as well?

If you are looking to get involved as well, you or your entreprise, the Red-Cross is always looking for your initiative. Hosting a blood donation day allows to introduce your own social network into it. Moreover, they are a lot of other ways to ease and help the Red-Cross. If the principle of giving your blood is not for you, there are a lot of other options. Natural donations are possible and allow the direct support of the international movement. Do not underestimate the individual level. Once gathered together, it can have a real output !

Have a closer look to the Red-Cross’ website, in order to help them at your level. You may save life indirectly !

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