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Brussels Midi Station: A place to work?

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A great place to work near Brussels Midi Station

Many commuters are wasting a lot of time at train stations, especially due to train delays and cancellations. Waiting for train can sometimes seem like an eternity and in the age of hyperconnectivity, there are day by day many possibilities offered to optimise work while commuting. Commuters sometimes ask themselves if it is possible to work near a station ans thus avoid wasting usefull time. Today, it is therefore always possible to avoid unecessary loss of time and make wise use of this precious treasure !

How would you feel about taking advantage of your shuttle time to meet or reunite with your partners and/or collaborators, in a workspace located at exactly five minutes walk from a major international train station ? That would be a huge time saver wouldn’t it?

Let’s take the mystery out of it! Did you know that a workspace is available at literally a stone’s throw from Brussels south station ? You are not dreaming ! The We Are Open Coworking is a cosy workspace, located right next to one of the biggest train stations of Brussels: the south station! WAO is a place where, you will always find welcomeness, conviviality and warmth. But above all, it is a place, where you can be productive while avoiding wasting precious minutes wandering in public stations. An this aswell as you want to work alone or as a team !

A convivial workspace at 5 minutes from the Brussels Midi station.

As soon as you arrive at We Are Open Coworking, you will be welcomed by our incredible team, a delicious coffee, and our most beautiful smiles will be waiting for you. Yes we know ! The perfect match to boost and encourage you, that’s our goal !


Moreover, the place has for first vocation, to privilege exchanges. So don’t hesitate to express yourself. Certainly, at WAO, it is absolutely not complicated. Actually, everything is arranged to enhance dialogue: refectory, kitchen, sofa, lounge, etc. Of course, everything is propitious to encourage communication and common areas are also numerously present.

Why you must choose WAO Coworking, close to Brussels South Station.

Are you not convinced yet? It is clear that it is not always easy to motivate ourselves to work. Especially, when so many other activities could be much more enjoyable. As a result, here are the 5 main reasons why you should choose to come and work at We Are Open Coworking and not elsewhere :


  • First of all, We Are Open is located near an international train station, you could receive clients from all over Belgium, but also from all over Europe. All this without any great complication. Indeed, travelling can sometimes be very tiring and gruelling. Avoiding your guests too long expeditions after such trips could delight them, and perhaps, help you to change the whole outcome of your meeting 
  • Furthermore, We Are Open allows you to benefit from an available desk as soon as you arrive. In case you have specific needs, please know that we are a very flexible company, so just let the team know what you need and we will adapt as best as possible so that your experience in our office can be as efficient as possible.
  • As a matter of fact, working in a space like the We Are Open Coworking, saves you time. Indeed, it allows you to avoid waiting and turn your stress into a productivity engine. But it will also help to you save coins, because We Are Open Coworking Brussels offers you the cheapest open-space and private offices in Brussels!
  • Finally, WAO advocates it, the space is a meeting place. We Are Open Coworking, allows you to discover and to meet many motivated entrepreneurs and coworkers who could inspire you, and even advise you. An essential pulse for any project !

Last but not least.

Therefore, if all these proposals do not suit you, the only thing left for us to do is to invite you to come and meet us: We Are Open ! We Are Open to you and will always be available to answer the slightest of your questions!

 A young, open and dynamic work space, it is just what you need!

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