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Ecological Shower, Or How To Be Eco-Friendly in the Shower?

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Did you ever heard about ecological shower ?


Taking a shower often seems like an harmless act. Yet it is one of our most energy-consuming habits. Indeed, taking a shower actually represents an expense of more or less 80 litres of water. The water used is often hot so we can add to this waste an additional cost of energy.

Indeed, shower is an absolutely brilliant invention, and it would be very difficult to live without it. But thinking about ecological alternatives to limit the waste of clean water, is totally possible. At We Are Open Coworking (WAO), we have decided to innovate and to install an ecological shower. Thanks to this innovation, we will be able to reduce by 7, the energy consumption related to this small gesture of our daily lives. Thusly, WAO is committed to respecting and perpetuating the values it holds dear, and provides a solid and clear response to a fundamental concern.

The project to build an ecological shower.

As a matter of fact, you surely understand. We Are Open Coworking (WAO) is planning to install an ecological and economical shower in its premises. This shower, would be accessible to every coworkers and employees of the We Are Open Coworking. The question that you surely ask yourself now is : « but, what do they mean by an ecological shower ? »

In few words, an ecological shower is a shower capable of filtering and recovering the water drained during your shower. Once recovered, it is filtered and then reused for another utility. In this case, at WAO, we have foreseen that this water would mainly be reused in the tanks of our toilets, in order to feed the flushing system.

However, many possibilities are still to be explored in order to get the most out of this revolutionary system.

Taking an ecological shower in your coworking: it's possible!

Above all, in addition to saving energy and making an optimal use of clean water. The ecological shower of We Are Open Coworking, will save you precious time, and allow you to enjoy the luxury of a pleasant shower in our premises.

Indeed, just imagine this small scenario: you are doing your usual morning jog or you have an urgent appointement in the morning. Exhausted by this tiresome morning and once you arrive at the We Are Open Coworking, you enjoy a warm and relaxing shower that will help you to get back in shape to quickly get ready for the rest of your day. And all this, without even having to worry about the future of the litres of water you used. Because thanks to the filters, every single drop of water will be recovered.

 As a result, the use of an ecological shower, will help you to save an average of 27,000 litres of water per year. This means that, in the long run, an average of 175 euros can be sustainably reinvested and used for other projects.


An ecological shower at home: it's also possible!

Consequently, it is also possible to export this project into your house. What would you think about installing an ecological shower and re-using recovered water to avoid waste ? If you are interested, here is a link to a tutorial that offers you a prototype and explains you, how to make this project possible and feasible. All this, in less than 7 minutes.

Nowadays, finding your way among the heaps of information available on the Internet, is sometimes very difficult. Thanks to this video, you will find the essential instructions to realize this fabulous project !

How much does an ecological shower cost?

Firstly, the price of the construction and the conception of your shower, depends on many criterias. Indeed, according to whether you use new or second-hand equipment in its development, its price can drastically change. 

For instance, be aware that the cost of your ecologial shower, can be seriously reduced if you choose to have recourse to recuperation. Indeed, decinding to opt for the purchase of new parts, would cost you more or less 800 €. On the other hand, if you use second-hand parts, the cost can be as low as €150.


Much more important than its price, which is quite affordable in the long run. Considering the enormous savings you will make thanks to this shower. Motivation, must be your main driver. Indeed, think about the saving of time, money. But above all, think of the optimal use you will now be able make, out of your clean water.

Why choosing an ecological shower?

Finally, if you are still not motivated, the only thing we can do is to remind you that, as the famous Viktor Schauberger said : « water is the blood of the earth, the support of all life ». Indeed, « water is life ». You know how precious life is, so let’s make good use of it !


Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions about your eco-friendly shower project or any other ecological project. Truly, ecology is one of our main concerns and we will always try our best to help you.

Common, let’s work green together !

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