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Flex office: or how to approach flexibility?

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Bureau Flex au WAO

The flex office, perhaps you’ve heard about it recently? It may sound vaguely familiar, but would you like to know more about it? Would you like to know if this service suits you and what are the advantages of flex offices at WAO Coworking? This article will hopefully answer your different questions as precisely as possible.

What is a Flex office?

It all depends on what you understand behind the word flexible. You will find various definitions on the web, depending on how the writer sees it. At WAO coworking, the flex office is a closed office, but with flexible conditions. That is, an office of this kind lies between the traditional office rental and the hourly rental of a meeting room. This is referred to as a closed office rental, but over shorter periods than a year-round office, but longer than a two-hour rental.

Flexible, but to what extent?

This is precisely the strength of the flex office, its flexibility adapts to the use its tenants make of it. Once you move away from this traditional rental approach, it is easy to see how flexible rental allows companies to combine on their specific needs, without causing too much strain over the long term. Do you need one office per week at a particular location to meet your team? No problem. Do you have a big project that requires you to work together for 2 weeks? It’s totally conceivable!

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What are the advantages of using a flex office?

It is really the flexibility that gives this service an unbeatable advantage. The flexibility of an office rental, pushed to its limits, allows it to blend in specifically with your personal needs. Indeed, from the moment you pay for a workspace, only for its real and concrete use, the flex office allows you to adapt the offer, according to your needs.

What about the lockdown lifting?

In times of lockdown lifting, the flex office is even more interesting than before. Indeed, the fear of a resurgence of the virus, leading to a second wave, can block you in the long-term rental of a workspace. Many companies today are reluctant to commit to an office lease for fear of being contractually bound to a landlord for one or even several years. Indeed, the past lockdown that has pushed companies out of their offices has deserted them. Then, why would you pay for a place that is unusable for several months? The fear of a second wave, and of a possible new lockdown is therefore not insignificant. Therefore, the companies and freelancers’s reaction is understandable. 

Flex Office Bruxelles

Concrete examples of the use of a flex office

There are thousands of them! In our case, for example, we have already had a great film crew. In their case, the post-production period is always a very intense moment, to finally finalise a long-term filming project. The post-production team therefore has a period of two weeks to complete the administrative side of the project. From then on, their need is simple: an office for an exclusive period of two weeks, no more and no less. The flex office is perfect here.

Why should you use this service at WAO coworking?

WAO coworking wants to reconnect the ecological issue with work spaces. Renting a flex office with us means being interested and getting involved in a larger project. In fact, all our spaces are furnished and fitted out with the goal of having a zero impact on the environment. Likewise, the circular economy has enabled us to launch and develop our business. Our spaces are equipped and developed with both materials that were going to be reduced to waste, as well as second hand furniture that previously, belonged to other companies. From then on, becoming a member of WAO coworking is a way of promoting the rise of an ecological awareness, which today is very important to us. We invite you to go to our  » learn more «  page, which focuses on our philosophy.

How can you book a flex office?

On our side it’s quite simple. All you have to do is agree on a date or a period of time when you want to use the office. Once you have your schedule in mind, you can contact our team, either by e-mail or by phone. From there, you tell us your dates and the recurrence of your needs, if any. Afterwards, we will give you a personalised quote, according to your choices and your dates. Afterwards, you are free to accept, or to review the offer you have received! Then it is done, welcome to your new flex offices!

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