How To Obtain your Coworking Certification?

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What is coworking certification? This approval from « Brussels Economy and Employment » allows young entrepreneurs who work in a coworking business to benefit from a bonus of 450 € per company. WAO has managed to get it!

How to obtain this coworking certification?

To obtain this approval, certain conditions must be met:

First of all, you must be a coworker and be registered with the ECB (Crossroads Bank for Enterprises). Then this coworking must contain at least one reception area and an open space containing at least 10 workstations. It must also have at least 2 meeting or conference rooms. One of these two rooms must be able to accommodate 10 people. Coworking must also have a workspace that encourages creativity and a space to make calls. There must be a cafeteria or kitchen, a high-performance wifi network, a printer and a scanner.

In addition, coworking must be able to welcome visitors on opening days between 9am and 5pm. An individual interview is required for each new coworker. The structure must offer at least six social, information or training activities each year. In addition, the coworking must set up at least two events per year in order to encourage exchanges between coworkers and have a civil liability insurance in case of damage.

After that, the coworking space will be analyzed to determine if all these conditions have been met and if approval has been obtained.

Finally, the approval is valid for an indefinite period and will take effect from the first day of the month following the positive response.

WAO has obtained this approval!

WAO has recently received a positive response from the coworking accreditation. Its members can now obtain a bonus of 450€ per micro-company. To obtain this bonus, coworkers will have to register on the Brussels Environment and Employment website, by choosing the coworking in which they work.

Indeed, WAO has all the necessary equipment to obtain approval. Finally, we are open offers its coworkers monthly events to bring their community together. 

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