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How To Reduce Your Electricity Bill?

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ampoules a faible consommation d'electricite

How can we improve our planet through simple actions? WAO thinks about it for its coworking. We decided to reduce our energy consumption by changing all our bulbs. In an ecological approach, WAO has changed its halogen bulbs to low power consumption bulbs, LEDs.

Why change all light bulbs?

On average, a halogen consumes between 150 and 500 Watts. Indeed, these bulbs are very energy consuming and the lifetime of a halogen lamp with a single bulb is 8000 hours while for an LED it is 40 000 hours. Moreover, halogens have lost their success as ambient lamps. Not to mention that they cost more in electricity, whereas lighting represents on average 10% of a household’s electricity bill.

Replace halogens with LEDs

Indeed, since consumers have been aware of the negative aspects of halogen bulbs, LEDs are replacing them. This is due in particular to their low electricity consumption. They only consume between 25 and 100 Watts. That is to say that for 2 hours of lighting per day with halogen bulbs the average cost per year is between 11 and 36 euros. While for the same duration of lighting with low-power bulbs, the cost is 0.65 euro per year. This is why LED lamps represent a much lower cost.

What WAO has implemented

WAO has changed all its halogen bulbs to low power consumption bulbs, LEDs. A total of 130 halogen bulbs were replaced. Our coworking team is committed to sustainable development by taking simple actions. In the end, these new bulbs consume 5 times less energy and the electricity bill will therefore also be significantly reduced. Find all our projects and our philosophy in our other blog articles.

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