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Shared workspace: instructions for a good coexistence

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Working with other professionals, without the inconvenience of the obligations of a traditional company but with all the office tools, is the promise of a shared workspace.

1440 square metres: that’s the size of WAO’s coworking spaces. Located ten minutes from the Midi station in the city of Brussels, these offices welcome self-employed workers, « startupers » as well as very small companies small businesses. Perfect for nomad entrepreneurs or those who do not appreciate homeworking! 

As with any shared workspace environment, there are certain rules or guidelines that apply to the proper use of space. Each coworking place manages its own standards of coexistence. However, it is important that you know what to do and how to act in these office spaces. 

Share your knowledge

One of the strengths of coworking is that you can share the workspace with professionals from different fields. Partnership is one of the philosophies that mark this system. That way, if someone asks you for help, don’t deny it. Instead, help them from your perspective.

Maintaining a collaborative attitude, in addition to making the work environment much more pleasant, puts your social skills to the test. If you pay attention to other people’s doubts, you will learn to look at your work from a different angle.

Get organised in a shared workspace

This is advice that applies everywhere to be more effective. Although some people say they understand everyone’s clutter, a tidy office also influences productivity. Besides the fact that you will find everything back where you left it, it motivates you to keep working, it conveys calm. It also helps you to find your way around your work organisation within your working space. You can be sure to get your work done when you are organized enough!  

Keeping your workspace clean is also very important because it influences your performance. Ventilate the spaces, don’t leave papers everywhere and eat in the areas provided for this purpose. Always try to optimise the workplace by taking these tips into account. 

Time can also be a stress reliever for coworker contractors. Therefore, remember to focus on your project while taking advantage of flexible working hours. 

Take advantage of all shared workspaces

The variety of spaces offered by the coworking facilities is designed so that you don’t fall into routine. Staying in the same place will bore you. Improvise, relax and make the most of all the spaces, don’t pend your whole time in a private office or a meeting room! For instance, at WAO Coworking there is a garden on the rooftop, you can also find a conference-room, virtual reality room and much more….

Don't be shy!

If you ever have a problem, put aside your shyness and ask for help. Don’t forget that a coworking space is more than a work space, it is a friendly place with a warm atmosphere. 

It is a place designed to share knowledge and develop professionally. Everyone is different, don’t be ashamed if you don’t understand something, we all still have something new to learn. So don’t be silent, ask, talk, tell. You will always find people who you get along with! In a start up like WAO Coworking you can find people from everywhere or working in so many different fields. You really have all the possibilities opened to you… 

Create a real network

When you meet someone in a coworking, you meet professionals from various fields. Use this as a leverage point, a network. You never know when you might need a graphic designer, writer or digital marketing expert. What’s more, the professionals who frequent a coworking space have many contacts themselves that can help you expand your relationships even further. In short, a coworking space is truly a collaborative space. You can find people who are like minded or completely different, it is very exciting to share ideas! 

Don’t be afraid to get in touch and exchange your numbers, as long as you also offer your help, everyone wins.  Especially as shared offices become a meeting place and collaborative working tools facilitate communication between coworkers! 

Be polite

When you opt for the shared office rental option, good humour and politeness should be the order of the day! Indeed, respect is the basis of any relationship. Therefore, when it comes to a shared space, the same rule applies. This does not mean that you should stay in your corner and not interact with others. On the contrary, it is always better to consider your colleagues. For example, if you receive a call, don’t shout, or go out in an open space so as not to disturb others.  

If you need to listen to music to concentrate or relax, ask those present if they don’t mind, in any case use headphones. Similarly, do not use other people’s equipment without consulting them first. In short, think of others before doing things that might disturb them.

Do not isolate yourself in the shared workspace

As mentioned earlier, shared office space is made for sharing. Although it is sometimes necessary to be alone to develop certain projects, this should not always be the case. Don’t lock yourself into a single piece of knowledge, but open your mind to new opportunities. Organising a short interview or a simple discussion can be the trigger for new ideas. So avoid isolation! 

Even though there are many spaces where you can work, always try to get out for a while to talk with those who are there, even if you are only there for half a day! Clear your mind, talk about your concerns and problems. Coworking is not only a place to work, but also for professional development. So, don’t stay at your desks all day!

Get out of your routine

It is true that when you work in a coworking environment, you are the sole manager of your time and your organisation. That said, it is possible that you may get into a certain routine, which is not a bad thing, but if at some point you suffer from a creative blockage, the first thing to do is to change the way you act.

You can change your schedule for example. Maybe starting very early in the morning is not a bad idea. You can change your workstations. Maybe the sunny garden will give you the inspiration you need. You can also go out and meet and talk to people you’ve never seen before.

Participate in activities with your colleagues.

When working in shared offices, it is important to socialise and collaborate. A break from work will always help you to be more productive and refresh your mind. Another principle of the shared workplace is to do activities that integrate those who use their spaces. 

Don’t miss these activities which, in addition to helping you in your personal development, will enable you to build relationships with your fellow workers. Feeling part of a group, coming out of loneliness, motivates many people to continue to give the best of themselves. So, whenever an activity is planned, try to make room for it in your agenda. Working in shared offices allows you to have flexible hours and therefore to easily fit an activity into your schedule. 

Thanks to these various recommendations, you are now ready to work in shared spaces in a co-working.  Get started, you won’t be disappointed! 

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