What are the advantages of a domiciliation address ?

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We don’t talk enough about the importance of a good domiciliation address and its many and various advantages for everyone. However, before sharing its benefits, let us make a point:

What is a domiciliation address?

When you start the process of setting up a company, you must choose a location. In other words, it’s the domiciliation process. It’s important to consider a good head office address. Surely, this choice will play a precious role on the perception that potential customers and partners will have, of your activity, and it will generally bring you more visibility if you make a wise decision.

The advantages of a good domiciliation address.

Is there any constraints? ways to get around them? We’ll explain it all to you!

Here are the main benefits of domiciliation:

1. The choice of the head office.

When you set up a firm, an address must be mentioned, which will therefore constitute its headquarters. This address will be on every document of the enterprise. This way, you can freely decide the location and nationality of your business. This choice is useful if you want to positively impact your image. Indeed, for instance, you can decide to domiciliate you company in a large city, such as a capital, to have a more ‘prestigious’ identity and perhaps attract more customers.

2. Flexibility between the place of residence and activity location.

Choosing a different location from the place where the activity takes place and the administrative address, is perfectly legal and gives you certain advantages. It can for example, reduce difficulties in case of bankruptcy, or help you to define the distinction between professional and private life. If we take the case of self-employed people working from home, they may not want to disclose their home address. This technique also makes it possible to avoid unannounced visits (customers, canvassers, etc.).

3. Services offered

Several companies are offering domiciliation address to their customers. Moreover, some are also providing them various additional services. Many societies offer to sort and filter your letters, that way, domiciliation avoid loss of time in managing mail sorting out (especially to sort advertisements). Many extra services offered with domiciliation represent a huge time saver.

What are the constraints to domiciliation?

In some cases, it can be problematic for someone to pick up mail in one place, work in another location, hold meetings in a third area, … All this is far from ideal and can be really tiring.

What is the solution, if I still want to choose domiciliation?

WAO is the good alternative! At We Are Open Coworking, you will be able to have an administrative address in our premises, at a lower cost. Additionally, as you surely understood, we are a coworking, so we have many workspaces, you will then be able to work and receive your clients or partners in the different meeting rooms available.

Furthermore, as a second solution, and to limit loss of time due to travel, we also offer a digitalization service. After obtaining your agreement, we will sort your mail, scan them and send them to you by e-mail.

If you would like more information on this subject, please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our page entirely dedicated to this domiciliation service!


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