What Is An Ecological Coworking?

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An ideal coworking in an ecological and healthy environment? Yes, we can!

The term ‘ecological coworking’ doesn’t refer to the fact that a company presents itself as such, integrates flowers into its premises or makes few green gestures. All this isn’t enough. In our opinion, being a sustainable coworking means that you link your whole project to ecology and durability.

In other words, a ‘green coworking’ refers to a work space where you select each service according to an eco-friendly dynamic. The idea therefore lies, in the desire of living and letting each member of the workspace feel this green atmosphere.

How is We Are Open an ecological coworking?

First, much more than just a coworking, We Are Open is a real project, rooted and committed to the protection of the environment. The two founders Pierre-Yves and Julien Danniau had the primary ambition of setting up a space that would bring diversified entrepreneurs and companies together. With a single objective, that each member could be assisted, advised and supported. Particularly, to give them the opportunity to work in a pleasant, friendly and dynamic space where everything would be arranged so that they could feel good while doing good to the planet. Challenge accepted, the space has opened its doors and is now a dream come true.


 The two brothers, Pierre-Yves and Julien Danniau, founded We Are Open Coworking in 2018. A 1400 m² sustainable work space, where the developers thought each service in a way that is beneficial to the environment. Furthermore, a coworking in which everyone feels good, both for nature and for all the people who work there.

Ecological coworking, the secret formula.

We Are Open Coworking is the living proof that combining work, well-being and ecology in one place is possible. The founders entirely designed the space around recycled materials and furniture that are perfectly renovated. Making use of circular economy, allows the company to give each piece of furniture its unique history. From cupboards to tables or sofas to reclaimed chairs, they all have their unique history and journey. This is all the magic behind circular economy !

Experience ecological coworking.

The Danniau’s brother impregnated the space with a decoration mainly composed of plants and wooden blocks. The aim is for each member of the workspace, to feel in tune and close to nature.

An eco-conscious coworking is also, a place where everyone participates in this healthy and green dynamic without feeling forced to do so. However, simply by evolving in an environment that is conducive to it, and where everyone naturally creates this atmosphere. The creators putted a lot of things in place, within We Are Open Coworking premises, to achieve this goal, compost, vegetable garden, waste sorting, watering can for plants, etc. As a result, each member naturally participates to the life of coworking.


The best way, to keep this dynamic going, and to encourage this community spirit and mutual aid, is for everyone to be able to meet each other. This is why we regularly organize afterworks and events to develop, stimulate and maintain this synergy between our members. 

A laboratory for projects.

Many posters are attached to the walls of the coworking. They explain and expose our many environmentally friendly projects, the ones already dealt with and our ambitions. You will also find explanations related to our different projects: ecological shower, compost, roof garden, etc., and as plans of all the sustainable strategies implemented within our space. 

Ecological coworking through local sourcing.

Being a ‘sustanaible coworking’ also involves the partnerships and collaborations you conclude. We Are Open Coworking is collaborating with local companies that promote these same sustainable values and are all part of a green and environment-friendly dynamic. For example, juice offered in the We Are Coworking Pub are, juices made with fruits and vegetables from eco-conscious agriculture and all the drinks offered come from local suppliers. We aim to join forces and help small local businesses. Specifically, those that offer environment-friendly products and the ones which we know the origins.


Finally, you surely understood that, whether in the open spaces, private offices, or in the business centre. At We Are Open Coworking, it’s always all about putting the health of the planet and collective well-being first.

Indeed, it’s all about being an ‘ecological coworking’. Presenting oneself as such is more than just a status that you attach to a company. Beyond all this, it’s necessary for the company that each daily action taken and each project carried out can be sustainably effective. And, of course, that actions follow and reveal real impacts on the environment.

This is our leitmotif and we will continue to do so, because ecology is our core project.

 Don’t hesitate to contact us or to come and visit our spaces so that you can see, and above all discover our project in all its details.

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