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Working in an open space, what is the outcome?

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Are you wondering if joining an open space is relevant? You are looking forward to working in an open space soon, but you have not decided yet? Those working spaces are stirring our curiosity on our side of the Atlantic. If their popularity does not have to be proven in the United States of America, their notoriety in Europe is growing. If you are looking for some feedback from a previous user, who has been using services in those newly trendy premises, do not look further! You are in the right place! We share here with you the testimony of Thibaut, who spent three months at WAO coworking. What is his outcome after working in an open space for several months? (The interview has been held in French. For this reason, we tried to translate as close as possible his words and expressions in English. You may find the original version of his answers on our French blog).

Who are you?

My name is Thibaut, I am a student in my last year of Master, at the “École Centrale de Nantes”, which is an engineering school. I study and work at the same time, in a software company. I had to spend three months abroad in order to validate my diploma. Therefore, we found a mutual agreement with the company, which allowed me to perform my tasks remotely, from WAO premises. This was the most convenient solution for all of us.

Why did you choose WAO Coworking?

I have been looking for some coworking places, but none of them was matching with my vision of it. Knowing that I would be the only one of my company working there, I did not want to end up in a big office. WAO seemed to have a good and familial atmosphere. I would only be there for three months, it was important for me to be in contact with people, and not only be sitting on my desk working, surrounded by a lot of people who were not prone to talk.

How would you describe WAO?

WAO is, first of all, an atmosphere. It is really different from what you may find somewhere else. It is like my company premises in Nantes. Same spirit of solidarity, where everyone is pulling together. I found this wonderful. It is an enormous project, with a lot of potential, tackling important topics such as sustainable development.

Was WAO as you imagined it would be?

WAO met my expectations. I went there looking for a homely atmosphere, where I would be able to meet people. In three months I met a lot of people. Mission accomplished ! 

What is your outcome after three months?

Since my first day, I was warmly welcomed by Pierre-Yves and Julien, who introduced me to a lot of people. Today, I know almost everyone in the coworking. For an experience of three months in a coworking, it was difficult to do better. The outcome is positive.

What are your best memories at WAO?

The afterworks, for sure, where we can meet a lot of people. Everyone brings friends, it is very nice and friendly. There is also the other infrastructure, such as the lecture hall, the cinema, the virtual reality room… Those are assets you cannot find in other coworkings. Special mention to Mario Kart ! I have had some great break moments by playing with it. The sleeping booth was also a nice concept!

What is your thought about working in an open space?

I already work in an open space, but this was my first time in a coworking. I liked it, it does fit me. We are freer than in a usual working environment. We always meet people. Working in an open space is a good compromise between working, staying focus and networking.

Did spending time in a green coworking change your attitude towards ecology?

I was already sensitive about ecology. I do not feel like more aware about it, but I did learn some tricks that I could implement at home and even in my future company.

After spending three months sharing a working place with other employees and independents, Thibaut’s outcome is positive. If you too, you would like to try this new trendy philosophy of working environment, do not hesitate anymore ! In order to work in an open space, and, moreover, in a green and familial atmosphere, contact WAO coworking. Our team is available to answer your questions. Looking forward to seeing you soon !

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