A cooperative coworking space in a green environment

WAO | We Are Open Coworking green Bruxelles

Welcome to WAO | We Are Open, a cooperative coworking space willing to become also a laboratory to rethink the way of working and its ecological and social impact.

This webpage will show you a bit more about the project, the team, and our values ongoing around the concept. If you are looking forward to learn even more about it, feel free to get in touch with our team! We will be pleased to answer you.

The Project Genesis of a Cooperative Coworking Space With an Ecological Purpose

At the root of this ambitious project, two brothers convinced that there is a need to act now for the climate, a fairer society which is more imbedded in the reality. Even though their background which might look incompatible, they decided to launch the project together, on their common values.

Step by step, the project aimed at creating a working space, concerned about the world surrounding. Given the negative ecological impact due to traditional work spaces, Julien and Pierre-Yves decided to illustrate the feasibility of a functional and professional workspace, but also careful about tomorrow’s world. This is the root of the project: a green coworking, unusual and accessible.

The opening of WAO | We Are Open

By designing the project, their respective skills supplemented one another to establish the work space. It finally opened in January 2019 for the first members. The opening has been possible by the mix of their specific knowledge. This is how the second pillar of WAO appeared: a cooperative coworking, where collaboration and conviviality were at the foremost.

"We dream about a collaborative work space, where friendliness and mutual aid enliven our days. We are proud to qualify our space, as a work environment where collaboration is effective, and that came naturally. The diversity of our members and their respective projects shape the singularity of our coworking. You will never feel yourself alone here."

Today, WAO is, on the one hand, and high-tech coworking, concerned about its ecological impact. On the other hand, it is also a business centre and a space questioning traditional standards. For instance, do not be surprised to find an arcade game cabinet, a bar furnished with local drinks, or even a snap space. Who ever said that bringing together work & fun was impossible?

Two Entrepreneurs to Build the Green and Cooperative Coworking Space

Who are the two initiators of that friendly and flexible work space? Julien and Pierre-Yves, two brothers who were willing to rush codes and the future of their capital. Pierre-Yves is an architect, advocating ecological construction. This is how he underlined recovery and recycling as a guiding principle for WAO coworking space.

"Most of materials and furniture available at WAO coworking are coming from other offices. Construction sites I am going to, as an architect, are real gold mines! It takes you only once to find out the staggering number of materials and furniture which almost had never been used, but which is going to be thrown away, because of administrative ease. "

Obviously, recovery principle takes an extra amount of work, as much more physical than time. The furniture of your next office will have its own past and history!

Julien, on his side, is a commercial engineer. He is committed to his society management. If various coworking spaces exist at Brussels, WAO was willing to be innovative in many aspects, with an intent to push further its principles. Actually, the work space is constantly evolving, going through regular improvements. If today all our services are available, do not be surprised to see innovation over time! We are constantly trying to improve our green and cooperative coworking space, as well as our services, by providing novelties. 

How and why having launched WAO?

How? By making the possibility for entrepreneurs and societies to work in a contemporary context, and still be in traditional guidelines.

Why? Simply why not? The objective was to be able to demonstrate and help tomorrow society to expand at best, even for the future of our planet. But also, be able to provide a large variety of tools, technological ones and human, in order to lead companies on the right path. This also in order to answer at best at specific requests.