Afterwork Brussels

Afterwork Brussels has become the most popular professional meeting place. Why wait until the weekend to clear your head after work?

Afterwork Brussels at the WAO

WAO has a bar and large areas to accommodate more than 50 people during the Afterworks. That’s why, every Thursday evening, coworkers and their friends or partners gather at the WAO for a drink. Coworking makes it a point of honour to continue these events which allow everyone to share a good time. Indeed, it is essential for WAO to guarantee its community the opportunity to meet new people. Then, afterworks sometimes generate partnerships between external or internal members of WAO.

Afterwork is an opportunity to discover the people you work with in another context. You will be able to share your professional experiences with new people in a very pleasant environment with music and good humour.

WAO Events

Apart from afterworks, WAO offers other events. In partnership with a drawing lover, every month a Drink&Draw workshop is held at coworking. Indeed, this event brings together drawing enthusiasts who can draw living models. Well installed in the conference room, the draftsmen can draw as they wish. In addition, they meet during the break and after the drawing workshop around a Drink.

Not to mention that, in its meeting room, the coworking welcomes the company Local Web every month, which organizes training courses on natural referencing. Therefore, learn how to list your company without spending any money. In addition, you will be with professionals who can guide you on your professional project. This is a personalized training. Rent our meeting room for your training. 

Finally, WAO organizes a “special” afterwork every month where a theme is set up to make the afterwork unique. Moreover, the month of June ended with the opening of our conference centre where our guests were able to discover our conference centre.

Afterwork Bruxelles