Brussels Midi Station: A place to work?

Between two trains you are looking for a place to work near the South Station? WAO coworking is there to welcome you 2 minutes walk from the Brussels Midi Station. The Brussel Midi Station is the most influential international station in Belgium with its 21 platforms. Located 400 meters from WAO, it allows you to access it quickly.

WAO accessible from the Brussels Midi station

Coworking is located in the heart of the Anderlecht district near the Bara and Lemonnier tram stations. It is also close to the metro station gare du midi. You will therefore be there very quickly to work in a space that is conducive to work.

Coworking provides you with all the spaces you need to work. In addition, you will have access to common areas such as the kitchen, lounge and wifi connection.

Why choose a coworking

Coworking allows you to have a ready-made office as soon as you arrive. In addition, you will not need to decorate your office. This rented space will save you money and time you have spent preparing your office. What could be better than an office ready to welcome you to work near the Brussel Midi Station, waiting for a late train for example? Then, coworking will allow you to work in the space of your choice and discover other companies that also work there.

What WAO offers

The space of some 1400 square meters includes meeting rooms, private offices, a conference room, a “cinema” conference room, a virtual reality room, a common area and a lounge area.  The maximum capacity of the coworking is 150 people.  We want to offer our members a work space that is easily accessible by transport, pleasant to live in and cooperative for those who wish to do so.

Coworking at Brussels Midi Station