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Everything you should know about coworking !

At a time when coworking is increasingly gaining interest, being aware and understanding what really is a shared workspace about, is an important mission. Coworking in few words : Basically, a coworking is a shared workspace also known as « coworking space » or « shared desk ». Although his recent expansion, the concept is […]

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Journée don du sang

Blood donation day at WAO

Red Cross and WAO coworking organise together a blood donation day. Therefore, our team decided to tackle the topic in order to underline the importance of having such event. Together,let’s save lifes ! A blood donation day, what for ? Blood is one o the most fundamental element of human body. Without it, we do not […]

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Working in an open space, what is the outcome?

Are you wondering if joining an open space is relevant? You are looking forward to working in an open space soon, but you have not decided yet? Those working spaces are stirring our curiosity on our side of the Atlantic. If their popularity does not have to be proven in the United States of America, […]

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Afterwork Bruxelles

Afterwork Brussels

Afterwork Brussels has become the most popular professional meeting place. Why wait until the weekend to clear your head after work? Afterwork Brussels at the WAO WAO has a bar and large areas to accommodate more than 50 people during the Afterworks. That’s why, every Thursday evening, coworkers and their friends or partners gather at […]

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Coworking Bruxelles Midi

Brussels Midi Station: A place to work?

Between two trains you are looking for a place to work near the South Station? WAO coworking is there to welcome you 2 minutes walk from the Brussels Midi Station. The Brussel Midi Station is the most influential international station in Belgium with its 21 platforms. Located 400 meters from WAO, it allows you to […]

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Where Can I Find a Cooperative Coworking?

Are you looking for a cooperative coworking, where sharing is the watchword? At WAO, cooperation is very important. Coworking is part of a process of sharing values and helping each other. Definition of coworking A coworking in general is a space for exchange between a community of freelancers. Moreover, this word means working together. Indeed, […]

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Agrément Coworking éligibilité

How To Obtain your Coworking Certification?

What is coworking certification? This approval from “Brussels Economy and Employment” allows young entrepreneurs who work in a coworking business to benefit from a bonus of 450 € per company. WAO has managed to get it! How to obtain this coworking certification? To obtain this approval, certain conditions must be met: First of all, you […]

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Douche écologique

Ecological Shower, Or How To Be Eco-Friendly in the Shower?

The shower is an absolutely brilliant invention, but wasting almost drinking water is not! To solve this problem, we decided to create an ecological shower in order to respect our ecological values! The project to create an ecological shower What is an ecological shower? Indeed, this shower is able to filter and recover hot water […]

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ampoules a faible consommation d'electricite

How To Reduce Your Electricity Bill?

How can we improve our planet through simple actions? WAO thinks about it for its coworking. We decided to reduce our energy consumption by changing all our bulbs. In an ecological approach, WAO has changed its halogen bulbs to low power consumption bulbs, LEDs. Why change all light bulbs? On average, a halogen consumes between […]

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Create a Compost: How easy is it?

How to make compost when you don’t have a garden? No need! No need! WAO explains how to create your indoor compost without having a garden. What is compost? Compost is a soil obtained from organic waste. When you don’t have a garden it’s complicated to do your own. Don’t worry, we have the solution! […]

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coworking écologique

What Is An Ecological Coworking?

Wanting an ideal workspace while being in an ecological coworking, it is now possible. WAO has decided to meet these 2 requirements. A space conducive to work In these 1400 square meters, WAO has set up spaces for each of its members to feel at home. Whether in its open space or in its private […]

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Espace durable

A Sustainable Coworking Space

A new coworking has open its doors near Midi Station A sustainable coworking space called WAO (for “We Are Open Coworking”) has recently opened its doors in the Gare du Midi district of Brussels. Housed in a former textile factory, the space has been completely redesigned by two brothers. One is an architect passionate about […]

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Un potager sur un toit

Creating A Vegetable Garden on your Roof is Easy!

Do you want a coworking area where you can eat vegetables from a vegetable garden on the roof? WAO is planning to create it on the flat roof of its coworking.

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