Creating A Vegetable Garden on your Roof is Easy!

Do you want a coworking area where you can eat vegetables from a vegetable garden on the roof? WAO is planning to create it on the flat roof of its coworking.

The interest of a vegetable garden on the roof

Several scientific studies have shown the benefits of urban gardens. Indeed, a vegetable garden on a roof makes it possible to develop the circular economy but above all to preserve the environment. This facility recycles organic waste that was previously destined for incineration or landfill. This organic soil therefore replaces chemical soils that are harmful to the environment. This also avoids the need for this waste to be handled by polluting transport to landfills. We now enhance the local and green spaces are never too much!

Above all, this urban agriculture makes it possible to preserve biodiversity by promoting pollination, which is becoming increasingly difficult in large cities. In addition, it breaks with the monotony of the urban landscape and benefits everyone.

Details on the WAO project

WAO has 400 m2 of available roof space, so it would be crazy not to fit out and enjoy this space. This is why 100 m2 will be converted to create a vegetable garden on the roof and “relaxation lounges” to add a touch of comfort. The objective is therefore to use this roof as much as possible to create a circular program. We want to make our coworking even more enjoyable for our members while promoting our ecological values.

Under the guidance of Skyfarm, we would like to set it up. Therefore, we created a compost in the coworking kitchen. It is the organic waste from our coworkers and ourselves that fills this compost. In time, this compost will be used as fertilizer to grow as many vegetables as possible. 

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