Are you looking forward to meeting our members ? Find below a page dedicated to them ! We thought this was important to spotlight them, because if we are where we are today, it is thanks to them as well !

Local Web

SEO Agency

SEO Agency at Brussels and in Belgium. Dedicated to the creation of indexed website, local position on Google, SEO redactions for optimising the referencing, optimisation of your website on the internet.

Patch Pictures

Audiovisual producters

Patch Pictures is an independent structure of audiovisual production. Association of artists and technicians coming from the cinema, we develop our activity around socially, culturally or educationally engaged structures. Therefore, our team gather a variety of talents, ready to support, from the development of your projects, until their post-production stage.


Professional Structure Optimisation

In order to get rid of burnout, blurring or other “work pains”, Furk community is rallying and developing concrete solutions to reinvent our working principles in entreprise, as well as consolidation needs of fulfilment and performance.

Oh Fil Deleau

Stylist and Modelist

Oh Fil Deleau is a fashion project for large sizes. Through collections, we give back power to the beauty of women. We provide as well sewing classes and zero-waste workshops in order to use scraps piece of fabric.


Online Banking

Elyps is creating tomorrow’s online banking. The project is based on three main points. Firstly, a positive impact on the ecology, by promoting green projects. Secondly, a transparency towards the client, who is becoming shareholders freely. And thirdly, a banking system based on a new technology.

Slash Kernel

International Technologic Group

With more than 25 years of experience, our 3 companies (ERTMS Solutions, Odase Ontologies and Raincode Labs) develop a wide range of tailor-made products and services covering a wealth of techniques, platforms, and geographies. Partnering with the biggest names in our industries, we conceive innovative solutions through the continuous R&D efforts of a small, dedicated team of experts.

Julien Favry

Motion Graphic

Be proud of your communication with a professional and high-quality video ! A script custom-made, as well as a graphic artist dedicated to your purpose. I have been benefiting my customers for four years in the completion of their motion graphic design. A proven method: reflexion, conception – redaction, storyboarding, animation, voice-over and soundtracks.

Dream Guardianz


We think that each person has the right to achieve his dreams. People have the power to alter events around. We swear to entertain the flame of passion.

We are the guardian of dreams!

Stage Bruxelles

Linking interns and companies

The purpose is to bring together startups from Brussels and students looking for an internship in the Belgian capital. Useful for students, helping them to find an interesting internship. A benefit for companies as well, sending them relevant profiles and CVs.

Michael Lejeune & Frédéric Timmermans


Michael and Frédéric are two friends above all, and two independent architects. Each of them work independently, but they do share with pleasure their opinion and advice on respective projects. Their philosophy is to help each other, in order to have a more complete opinion. Together, their competencies are multiplied and more relevant.



Hesperos is a theatre group of “Maison du nord”. Hesperos is an open fraternity,  gathering artists around artisitic projects.

Studer Agency

Temporary Employment Agency

Studer Agency works as a temporary employment agency, for your events, in any kind. They do make available their professional team, young and dynamic, to manage some of your event’s tasks. Parking valet, barman (woman), host(ess), waiter(ess) or technicians can be at your disposal for the well-being of your own event.


Architectural Bureau

Ëpikur is an architectural bureau, created by Michaël Nasr. Now Pierre-Yves joined the team. The bureau is focusing firstly on renovation projects, of big-sized buildings, offices and accommodation. Moreover, they are focusing on exporting and creating projects abroad, public or private. Do not hesitate to discover their projects through their website!

What about you?

If you would like to know more about other projects and our possible partners, try to come physically in our premises! By the same time, it will allow you to meet them as well in our working spaces! If you are looking forward to join us as well, get in touch and we will be glad to refer you to the most relevant services according to your needs. We have the willing to bring support to our members, and thus, who know, maybe you?