Company Domiciliation

Domiciliation d'entreprise Bruxelles

Are you looking for a business address ? Your different office address and work address in one place ? It is possible at WAO Coworking Brussels ! We do offer company domiciliation, and mail reception for 90 euros per month.

Briefly, how does a company domiciliation work?

Looking for a change of address ? Taking up your business address at WAO cost 90 euros (Excl. VAT) per month. Your virtual receptionist will notify you with an email when a new letter has arrived ! Your virtual office will be based in our physical address, without necessary using anoter service of our coworking space. Additional options are available and mentionned below. However, “Scan” option is free of charge and available at no extra cost with the base offer ! 

Option 1 : Scan

0 € / month (Excl. VAT)

Your letter is scanned and forwarded each Friday. We keep it physically for 6 months, waiting for you to take it if needed. After that period of 6 month, we will send it to you by post.

Option 2: Mailing

3 € (Excl. VAT) / dispatching

Each Friday, we will send to your mailing address all your letters.

Once the contract is signed between WAO co working and your company, your are able to use our street address as your professional post office box. The address change will be official, and your new office box will take place in our business district. The virtual office services are up to you !

Forwarding options, because virtual business as never been that easy !

As stated above, mail forwarding and/or mail service are in option. Our starting pack is allowing a virtual address in our premises. For further virtual office solutions, we do have two forwarding packages: Your virtual office address can be linked with your actual office space, home address, or any other decided mailbox, by choosing the option of po box. This option will costs 3€ (Excl. VAT and postal charges). You will receive every letter physically. Your virtual office service can also include a numerical forwarding option. This one will cost 20€ per month (Excl. VAT). Any issue during your contract ? Feel free to contact us by using phone service. The helpdesk of your virtual offices is reacheable from Monday to Friday, 9am to 18 pm (GMT +1). Looking for an answering service as well ? We are looking to develop our call answering service fastly enough ! Call forwarding and voicemail options will soon be available in our offers !

Company domiciliation and virtual office service

Vous venez de lancer votre société ? Vous ne souhaitez pas passer par votre adresse personnelle ? Une adresse officielle vous sera demandée pour finaliser votre inscription au sein du registre de commerce. Toutes sociétés se voit dans l’obligation de telles procédures légales. C’est pourquoi l’immatriculation d’entreprises dans nos locaux existe.

At We Are Open Coworking, the watchword is to develop a community of members where people meet and share among themselves. Our goal is that you may feel yourself in our space like at home ! But of course, in a professional framework. This is the reason we are granting our WAO’s members a various number of services (such as company domiciliation) whose are easing their professional tasks. These services are adjustable depending on your needs and requests. For instance, telephone answering might be included soon as a package. If today you will only find some relevant services, such as domiciliation, please note that the list is not exhaustive !

Domiciliation d'entreprise Bruxelles

Why making WAO as you business address?

Company domiciliation allows you to become a member of WAO Coworking Brussels. Moreover, by putting your business address at WAO, registered agent at Brussels, you will be invited to our events, such as our Thursday afterwork. Thus, you may meet with the rest of the community, cooperate and build some networks. Last but not least, you will be on a higher priority for our waiting list ! Because your new virtual office space, WAO, has a lot more to offer. Such as conference centre, meeting rooms, conference rooms …