Flex Offices in Brussels

Flex Office Brussels

We Are Open coworking puts forward a new service of Flex office at Brussels, in its premises next by Midi station. Technically, a flex office is a private office you may book, but with a lot more flexible possibilities. You are looking for a one-week office, or a full month without needing all traditional mandatory contracts ? Or maybe you are seeking to meet your team twice a week in a private office, and otherwise work all on your side as homeworking is becoming the trend ? Flexible offices may then be a relevant alternative.

How to Rent a Flex Office at Brussels, with WAO Coworking ?

Nothing that simple ! At WAO Coworking, we offer you a personnalised offer. This implied the possibility to rent any private office or any meeting room, subject to availability, as a Flex Office at Brussels. This means you choose a space, depending on its side and its layout. Then you can get in touch with our team, and depending on the frequency choosen, we will give you a price estimation. You are ready to meet the rest of your team in an optimum conditions.

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Flex office at Brussels : flexibility first and foremost !

Coworking places are usually identified for the flexibility they bring to companies and the ease they provide to combine various additional services within a same physical place. Flexible office is a new trend, providing this adaptability for a traditional service which is the office rental. How does it work ? Contracts of office rentals, under the egid of “flex office”, allow you to rent private spaces for you and your team, for short period, or non-continuous period. This offer is lying between the rental of meeting rooms, expensive for long period and the traditional office rental, less expensive, but binding because including long period and contractual commitment. This is why flex office are popping. They do allow the reservation of furnished offices, but less costly than hours rentals, and by avoiding all traditional constraints.

Advantages of WAO Coworking Brussels

WAO We Are Open Coworking is a shared working space, offering various services. From company domiciliation, to flex offices, and the renting of a business centre, you may find a solution easily for your company. Further than a relevant tool box, we are highlighting an ecological and human-being dynamic within the working space. Therefore, our coworking has been designed and furnished with a purpose of zero waste and recycling. Moreover, we will be at your disposal to bring you flexibility, at all levels. Finally, our centred and easily reachable position is an asset. You may reach our working easily from anywhere around Belgium, and even further! Midi station of Brussels is located at 5 minutes on foot from our space.

You are looking for other services ?

Then feel free to follow the link hereunder, to have a look at our webpage listing various services we offer at WAO Coworking.