Professional Events

“We Are Open Coworking” is looking to generate a unique offer in Belgium to all his members. If our team is looking to implement original and relevant tender, we emphasised the importance of events. Therefore, WAO Coworking came with a possibility for you to create your own professional events, in our dedicated area.

Bar WAO Bruxelles


480 € (Excl. VAT)

  • 18h – 22h;
  • Bar, lounge, speakers;
  • A WAO employee to supervise;
  • Bank card reader;
  • Free Wifi;
  • Cleaning.

Why would you set up professional events for a business purpose?

It is true that professional events is nowadays a substantial advantage for you and your company. This kind of occasion can take place for a various number of reasons. You may be looking to develop the visibility of your business by inviting your tomorrow potential clients.

Or you may imagine professional events to build a unity within the team. Reuniting them, in a distinct environment than your workspace, is something important.

Concert au WAO

Or even more, you may have to mark the occasion for any relevant reason. This is why WAO Coworking allows you to rent our area dedicated to set up your own business events !

Why would you choose WAO Coworking for your business events?

WAO Coworking is looking to develop its workspace in an ecological and technological way. If this fits your vision of your entrepreneurship, you will affiliate to our wooden decoration and low carbon impact furniture. We are also adaptable to your needs and requests. We know how personalised professional events need to be. Therefore, WAO Coworking is the place to be! We Are Open to your professional events, and we are open to your necessities! More over, WAO is a coworking place. This is why we may invite our other members to participate also to your events, if you would like us too, of course. Once you will be part of our members, you may as well be interested in other events taking place in our premise, and be pleased to assist them !

Centre de conférence