Virtual Reality Room

Salle de réalité virtuelle Bruxelles

WAO provides you with a relaxation room. What could be better than relaxing after a day of training or between meetings? WAO has responded to this need by setting up a Virtual Reality Room Brussels. Indeed, it can be very useful for example to organize your team building or simply for a few hours of entertainment with colleagues or friends.

Our virtual reality room Brussels in pictures

Where can I find a virtual reality room in Brussels?

At WAO you can find this equipment whenever you want. We have a room where two posts are located. Dive into the heart of a game that will give you an experience between cinema and escape game.

Multiple possibilities

The games on offer are diversified: either action games or exploration games such as Google Earth where you can travel the world. And finally, relaxing games with music in the ears. You can also rest in our waiting room provided for this purpose. This room will be ideal to organize your team building in order to increase the cohesion between your employees.



From 20 € (Excl. VAT) / hour

Salle de réalité virtuelle Bruxelles
  • Two independent computer, in the same room;
  • Each equiped with an HTC Vive;
  • 2 controllers per computer;
  • Steam Games (Beat Saber, Arizona Sunshine, Pavlov VR …);
  • Google Earth;
  • Up to 2 people simultaneously, one per computer.
WAO offers you to rent this room at a price of 20€ per computer per hour. In addition, you will find a kitchen and toilets at your disposal. The “cinema” conference room can also be rented and is located just in front of the virtual reality room. It can help you relax even more.

Feel free to have a look at our others professional offers. You may find various purpose to them (professional – entertainement – exhibition – …), only your vision on how using those tools will make it possible !