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Workspace Brussels is one of the main service of WAO – We Are Open – Coworking. If you are interested in the idea of working in our new open space area, and that our ecological approach is part of your interest too, WAO is the right place to work !

Our formulas for working in the open space

Three formulas exist for the rental of open-plan office space:

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Daily pass

The daily access for our workspace Brussels is 20 euros Excl. VAT. You will find a place to work in the open space of our third floor. Tea and coffee, Wifi are of course included here. Our 100 Sq ft are open for all nomads ! We Are Open during business hours, and soon even more.

Semi-Flex pass

For 120 euros per month, you will have the access to our workspace Brussels two days per week. A good opportunity to come and work at WAO flexibly and conveniently.
Open Space Bruxelles
Coworking Bruxelles

Flex Pass

For 230 euros per month, you will be able to work in the open space area each day. Relevant to people looking for a regular work in our workspace. We Are Open Coworking will provide you with access to our meeting room two hours per month at no extra cost.

included Services  


Visitor reception

Access to lounge areas

Access to the cosy areas

Access to the openspaces

Access to the kitchen and common areas

Internet/ Wifi broadband

Coffee - tea - water*


Invitation to all WAO Events

Head Office

Access to meeting rooms

One Day

All day long

From 9h to 18h




Two days a week 

From 9h to 18h

from 120€/month


7 days a week 

24 hours a day

FROM 230€/moNTH

Get in touch to reserve your seat or plan a tour of the coworkin space :

What will you find in our open workspace Brussels?

Plants, wood and other members of WAO! Dispatched on both of our floors, WAO’s open spaces are reachable by the elevator. Located at Lambert Crickx Street, our open space gives a view on the nearby square on one side, and on the inner courtyard on the other. WAO is more than an usual open space. It is a human working environment, where all freelancers are sharing experiences and tips ! Our workspaces are are surounded with offices and meeting rooms. They are available as well to our members. Moreover, we designed meeting spaces, for pushing contractors to meet with each others, and share between them. Our favorite meeting space is the lounge area, just in front of our bar and our shared kitchen. Of course, how to stay available without a real catering and a real break at lunch ?

Why would you work in WAO's open workspace Brussels?

WAO - We Are Open coworking Brussels advantages
By subscribing at WAO – We Are Open – Coworking Bruxelles, you will be given the status of WAO member. With this standing, you may be able to use our common areas. You will find in those an equipped kitchen, a lounge, a bar, entertainment rooms, and much more to come ! You will also be invited at all our events (drawing session, board game nights, professional events, …). All our location is illuminated with natural light and plants. Some areas are using musical environment. If you are avaoiding audiovisual contents while working, we are developing a main library room, where silence must be maintained.
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