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Afterwork Brussels

Afterwork Brussels has become the most popular professional meeting place. Why wait until the weekend to clear your head?

What is an ecological coworking ?

Wanting an ideal workspace while being in an ecological coworking, it is now possible. WAO has decided to meet these 2 requirements.

A sustainable coworking space

A sustainable coworking space called WAO has recently opened its doors in the Gare du Midi district of Brussels.

Where I can find a cooperative coworking ?

Are you looking for a cooperative coworking, where sharing is the watchword? At WAO, cooperation mutual support are very important.

How to obtain coworking certification ?

What is coworking certification? This approval allows young entrepreneurs to benefit from a bonus of 450 € per company. WAO has managed to get it!

How to create a compost?

How to make compost when you don't have a garden? No need! No need! WAO explains how to create your indoor compost without having a garden.

How to reduce your electricity bill?

How can we improve our planet through simple actions?  By reducing our energy consumption with LEDs.

Creating a vegetable garden on your roof is easy!

Do you want a coworking area where you can relax on the rooftops and eat vegetables from a vegetable garden? WAO's vegetable garden.

How to be eco-friendly in the shower?

Let's stop wasting almost drinking water by creating a shower where water is reused in order to respect our ecological values!

Where to work near the Brussels Midi station?

Between two trains you are looking for a place to work near the Brussels Midi station? WAO coworking welcomes you to 5 minutes from the Brussels Midi station.


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