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We are open CoWorking

New coworking space  in Brussels

We are happy to welcome you in our new coworking 2.0 Because your working space has to be functional, cosy & fun, we have thought of everything you need. Let's have a look !


Green Energy
Vegetables from our rooftop
Compost heap


Cooperation between members
Internal projects


Negawatt power
Smart energy meter
Solar panels
Smart thermostat
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What we offer

Networking and afterwork

We Are Open wants you to share not only a work environment but also tips and tricks from your own experience. That is why we're throwing networkings events every Monday. And because it's nice to pitch a project at a  relax time : afterworks every Thursday !

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Why choose WAO ?

We are more than a common coworking !

Incubate your PROJECT with us

Is your project at it's very start ? Are you looking for advise and other professionals to grow it ? With WAO you can test the feasibility of your project during the brainstorming afternoons.

High tech and green

Green energy, sharing fabLab,
Vegetables garden from our rooftop, compost, Negawatt power first
Smart  energetic  metering , Solar panels, Intelligent thermostat

EASY Opening hours

For the early birds and the night owls,
We Are Open 7/ 7, 24/24.
The help desk will be open from monday till friday, 9am to 5pm.

Our prices

Choose your bonzai

Because we all work differently we offer you differents packages

Virtual reality room

150€ / 2 hours (excl. VAT) 70 € / extra hour

Access to:
Virtual reality room Community spaces (Toilets, living room...)
WAO events

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I rush !

Are you ready? Because We Are !!