A Sustainable Coworking Space

A new coworking has open its doors near Midi Station

A sustainable coworking space called WAO (for “We Are Open Coworking”) has recently opened its doors in the Gare du Midi district of Brussels. Housed in a former textile factory, the space has been completely redesigned by two brothers. One is an architect passionate about sustainable design. The other is at the end of his Master’s degree in commercial engineering. They are looking to offer a workplace that is firmly in tune with the times.

Work and relaxation areas, conference room convertible into a cinema, secure bicycle space, ecological shower, urban vegetable garden,… “Our philosophy is based on two principles that are dear to us: sustainability and cooperation,” explains Pierre-Yves Danniau, co-founder of WAO. In the long term, the concept, which must evolve over the years, will set an example in terms of cooperation between members, energy performance and integration into the urban landscape. A first in Brussels.

“The main objective is to welcome a wide variety of professions in a pleasant space, where all the conditions will be met to encourage exchanges between members and encourage participation,” says Julien Danniau, who developed the project as part of his studies. Among the services offered: networking, afterworks, an application for members, etc.

The space of some 1,400 square metres is open from Monday to Friday. It includes three trays, meeting rooms, private offices, a conference room, a common area and a lounge area. “We also hope to open a bar on the roof later this year,” adds Julien. The maximum capacity of the coworking is 150 people.

A space as sustainable as possible

At the same time, “the project aims to transform an energy-intensive building in such a way as to reduce its energy impact as much as possible. There are plans to install thermostatic valves, smart lighting, green roofs and, in the longer term, solar panels on the roof,” says Pierre-Yves. At 31 years of age, this Brussels architect worked several years abroad where he acquired solid experience.

“Our projects will progress with the help of members who can become cooperators if they wish. As our name suggests: “we are open”, meaning that we are open to any collaboration with a local and sustainable vocation to improve the service offered,” continues Julien. “We have space and are ready to take on new challenges.”

To develop their project, the two brothers benefited from the advice of the Brussels agency Greenbizz and the Village Partenaire association. In addition to the environmental aspect, they also want to breathe new life into the Midi district. WAO opened its doors on January 1st, rue Lambert Crickx, in Anderlecht.

Sustainable Coworking Space
Open Space at WAO coworking Brussels