Ecological Shower, Or How To Be Eco-Friendly in the Shower?

The shower is an absolutely brilliant invention, but wasting almost drinking water is not! To solve this problem, we decided to create an ecological shower in order to respect our ecological values!

The project to create an ecological shower

What is an ecological shower? Indeed, this shower is able to filter and recover hot water during your shower. The purpose of this shower is to recover the water you use during your shower, filter it and then reuse it for another use. At WAO, we would like to reuse this water for flushing our toilets.

So you can take a shower as long as you want! No need to worry about wasting water and energy.

On average, a conventional shower consumes 10 litres of water per minute. Nevertheless, thanks to the filters we will be able to recover all this water. In a few figures, an ecological shower means an average annual water saving of 27,000 litres, which means 175€. Find out more about our other ecological projects on our blog.

WAO’s project

How to make this project real? Indeed, nowadays, it is easy to find anything on the net, it is the same for the design of this shower. All the essential data to carry out this project are online!

How much? 800€! But the price is not the most important, what matters most is the motivation to produce this ecological shower! Above all, we must focus on saving money, water and energy that this shower will produce.

Why do you need to do this project? Simply because water is life, and life is precious! As stated at the beginning of this article, it helps to limit the waste of water and energy. At WAO, we want to make all our spaces in line with our values. That is why from our coworking areas to our toilets and kitchen, our ecological values will be present.

We have enough space to integrate a shower into the WAO sanitary facilities. In the long term, the aim is therefore to have a shower area at the disposal of our members. 

Douche écologique